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Queen B Botanicals Bath Salts
Queen B Botanicals Bath Salts

Queen B Botanicals Bath Salts

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This 12oz blend of three kinds of salt and over 10 herbs, flowers, dried fruits & botanicals are just what you need for your ritual bath. Your salts will come with a small wooden scoop and a small organza bag to full with your bath time tea. By filling the small steeping bag you eliminate the need to clean spent herbs from your drain after your relaxing bath- simply empty the contents into the trash and let the bag air dry until your next use.

These bath salts contain NO fragrances or essential oils- making them incredibly gentle on the skin and perfect for all ages and skin types. Our salts pair beautifully with our Radiance Body Oils- simply drip a few precious drops of COVEN or Gypsy on your filled steeping bag and drop in the tub for a hydrating experience!